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Jennifer is a leader with energy, passion, and principled ideals. Jennifer has served our community selflessly with the goal of making our communities better. As our representative, Jennifer has been a voice for common sense and solving problems by bringing people together. Jennifer has earned our trust and is the best choice to represent Lake and Orange Counties!

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Bill to make home schooling easier in Florida flies through first committee

On its first full day of session, the Florida House took steps to make it easier for families to home school their children while still taking advantage of some public education services. With no opposition from the public or members, the House PreK-12 Innovation Subcommittee quickly advanced HB 731, which would: Have districts automatically accept… View Article

Jennifer Sullivan to take over Neil Combee’s chairmanship

As state Rep. Neil Combee prepares to leave the Florida House to take a post in President Donald Trump’s administration, he announced Thursday that state Rep. Jennifer Sullivan will be taking over his chairmanship at the Oversight, Transparency & Administration Subcommittee. “Be kind, be generous and do a good job,” Combee told teary-eyed members of… View Article